The Haunting Tune

A Haunting Tune

Brooke Bickel
(age 11)

Once upon a time it as a very dark and stormy night. We had lots of family members staying at our house for Thanksgiving. Luckily, I still had my room, but unfortunately, I was sharing it with seven other people! My two sisters, and five cousins all eight and under. About an hour or two after dinner I went to my room, for some privacy. Everyone else was getting ready to watch a movie - except for Great Uncle Joe who was also in his room.  I got dressed for bed, lay down on my bed with a good book, and started to read. That's when I heard it


At first, I thought it was just the wind because it was a dark and stormy, but the wind wasn't whipping or whistling anymore. was just raining really hard. Then I heard it again. 


So then I thought It was the movie everyone was watching, but when I looked, I saw that they were watching "Winnie the Pooh." But everyone knows that that's not scary! Finally, I settled down and went back to bed with the idea that it was just a figment of my imagination. But then I heard for the third time! 


So I went to check on Great Uncle Joe, because I just remembered his room was on the same floor as mine. Just as I was going to ask if he was okay and if he heard anything weird, I heard the noise again. I realized It was coming from Great Uncle Joe's penny whistle! HE was sitting on an old gray chair with a music stand in front of him. That was the noise I was hearing. Mystery solved!

The End

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