The Wild Mustang

The Wild Mustang
Brooke Bickel
(age 11)

Once a long time ago there was a Paint horse named Liz. Liz's friends were helping her move her cattle to California. She was separated from her posse when Native Americans attacked them. She had been galloping terribly hard and was exhausted. She was halfway across a wide prairie. Liz slowed to a trot, "Running for a long time without water is terribly exhausting," she said. Liz was frantic. She had to find water soon or she would die.        

Thinking about what happened, she was starting to feel a little lonely. She thought about her friends, and if they would try to find her, and how all the cows were doing. Liz wondered if her friends, Olivia and Sparkle, missed her or what Dan was cooking for dinner. She was starting to get a little hungry. 

It was getting darker by the minute. She needed to find a place to bed down for the night, So after a quick dinner of plain prairie grass, (The grass she had wasn't the best ever, she wished she could've had Dan's cooking instead.) All Liz could see was grass. So she thought, and suddenly she had an idea. "Well since this grass is so tall, if I lie down here, I can tie the tops down like this, and have a makeshift 'hut."  Liz experimented with her idea and it worked!

In the middle of the night, Liz heard a strange whinny, so she went out of her shelter and looked around. Then she saw it, the legendary Wild Mustang! The stallion advanced toward her, so Liz backed away. Suddenly the Wild Mustang spoke, he said "Don't be afraid, I want to help you. I will show you where there is water, and lead you to your friends!"

Liz just stood there dumbfounded. Finally, she found her words, "Thank you kindly. Can we leave right now?" "Yes." So they went together and got water and found her friends!

The End

(Assignment for Lesson #3 Writing Lessons - adjectives)

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