A Wild Mustang has a Friend

A Wild Mustang has a Friend
Samantha Wiley
(age 8)

Once there was a wild mustang.  His name was Judson.  He liked to buck a lot.  He bucked every cowboy off.  (They did not like the wild mustang.)  Pretty soon nobody came to see him.  

He made a friend.  It was a tiny field mouse.  The field mouse’s name was Eliot.  He liked to scurry about.  He would also scold the wild mustang. 

Judson thought it was very funny.  When he did, the field mouse would scurry into the ground.  When the field mouse did that, the horse stopped laughing.  When he stopped laughing, the field mouse came out.  Then Eliot told Judson that he wasn’t being very nice.  

Eliot said, “That makes me feel sad.”  

Then Judson said, “I am sorry.  Will you forgive me?”  

Eliot said, “Yes!”  

They discussed kindness until suppertime.  They went into the stall and ate some hay and went to sleep.  In the morning they woke up, read their Bible, and did their devotions.  

Judson said, “I will go make eggs and toast.”  Judson and Eliot ate breakfast after Judson cooked it on the wood stove.  After breakfast they would go exploring.  They found all sorts of thing: eggs, boards, and books by the dozen.  

And they lived happily ever after playing with each other.  

The End

(Assignment for Lesson #2 - Verbs)

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