The Cloudy Beach

The Cloudy Beach
Brooke Bickel
(age 11)

I went to the beach. The air had a salty smell to it. If the sky was clear instead of cloudy I could see some islands on the horizon. I like to close my eyes and listen to the gulls shriek and the waves fall onto the sandy shore. When I play in the water, it feels wet. If I accidentally get some in my mouth it tastes extremely salty. 

I like to skip smooth stones on the water and look on top of and under large rocks to see if there are any crabs or snails. I also like to examine different types of seaweed. 

When it's time to go, I rinse off in the salty ocean, skip one last smooth stone, put the sea creatures back by some rocks, and put the seaweed back in the ocean. Then I gather up my towel, bucket, and shoes and say "goodbye" to the smell of the ocean and the touch of the sea. I get in the car, buckle up, and turn around to get one last look of the sea, (until next time we go). As we drive away I listen to the sound of the waves die away.

(Assignment for Lesson #1 - Using Your Senses)

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