Sena Carlson
(age 12)

A Picture

A picture may be a thousand words
But I think there's something more important
I will choose for myself a different sword
One that I know will never be bent

A picture could be edited, be fake
And I will not take the chance
Especially for someone else's sake
I will do what God says

God says that actions speak louder than things you say
Actions speak louder than words on a page, too, I think
You may say what you may,
But I'd rather believe what someone does than a bunch of ink.

Belongs To

It used to belong to just me
It technically came from my mother
But I would often wish for it to be
Belonging to another

First, when I was young, I thought it was real
Then I thought it was nothing but lies
And of course there were times when I didn't know what to feel
But, slowly, I started to realize

My heart is important,
Not meant to be tossed
Yet I was still a little reluctant
To show people who was boss

But now I know it
My love is powerful
I am important
I have my own will

So now I give my heart to Someone Else
Someone who loves me a lot
Who takes away what I once felt
Yes, I know my heart belongs to God.

(original and self-edited)

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