Jayse Bickel 
(age 12)

It all started a few weeks ago, when my Dad discovered mouse droppings in his van. Mom and my sister Brooke said, "Eww gross!" 

And my sisters Kaedyn and Violet said, "I wanna see.

I said, "Really, where?"

Dad said, "All the floor."

Then I said, "I hope we can catch it alive. Then Kaedyn and I can have a pet mouse or mice, if there are two of them."Then I asked Dad, "What would happen if I caught one alive? What would you tell me?"

And Dad said, "To get rid of it."

I said, "What if I didn't?"

Then Dad said, "You would be disobeying me if you did."

"What if I didn't tell you?" I said.
"Then you would get to keep it," Dad said.

Then I told Kaedyn, "If we caught a mouse, and didn't tell Dad, we could put it in a plastic bin." "We could give it some leaves and dry grass and some nuts and berries, and we could have a pet mouse."

So after that, Dad caught two mice in mouse traps. The last mouse was still alive. One day, Kaedyn and I found a drowned mouse in our kiddie pool.

I had to vacuum out all the mouse droppings. That's four mice deadDad keeps putting mouse traps out, just in case we get any more in the van.

Dad said, "They're getting in through the engine and chewing 

through the cabin filter and coming out the vents into the van.

"So I hope that's the last our family gets mice in Dad's van." 

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